December 20, 2021 Talie Miller

Losing Brand Authority? Stop doing this.

Want to know why you're losing brand authority and your audience? 

Want to know why you’re losing brand authority and your audience? 

Let’s be honest, gaining an audience is not easy despite what the so-called, “experts” tell you – let alone keeping it engaged. A “true fan,” audience is more than just likes, followers, engagement rate or post to follower ratio. I really can’t with that last one.  Having an audience consists of those who are with your regardless of what the fuck you do. They’re with you because you speak their language and actually help them. 

Too honest? 

Ok so here’s a list of things to avoid when building a true-fan audience that raves about you regardless if you switch up your niche, pivot a bunch etc.  

  1. Don’t listen to what they are asking (what do they know about running a business, am I right?)

Sometimes the big brands don’t listen to their audience. Take a look at Victoria’s Secret, for instance. Their resistance to reshape their image and become a more inclusive, body-positive brand like their customers wanted helped them spark a strong anti-Victoria’s Secret feeling in the market their– the decline of VS happened all in the span of a few months. Years and years of brand positioning and market growth thrown overboard. It takes decades to create a reputation and a day to ruin as “they” say.  If you want to lose your brand’s audience, let your marketing myopia become stronger than your need to satisfy your customers’ needs. 

  1. Focus on trends, not solving problems (I mean, trends go viral, don’t they?)

If you are putting out helpful content that takes thoughtful research and purpose to create, that won’t help you lose your audience by next Monday. Quite the opposite.  Instead, start recreating viral TikTok trends, and post different versions of the same trend multiple times until one (or all of them!) go viral. You might not have a real, solidified audience that increases your brand’s credibility and authority by the end of the week, but you’ll sure have a lot of likes and fire emojis in your Instagram comments. 

  1. Sell constantly (if not, how are you going to get that bag?)

Sparking real conversations among your audience by putting out helpful, personality-filled content and solutions takes too much work, and even though it could lead your brand to become sustainable on the long-term, you won’t make quick money out of it, so what’s the point? Instead, focus on selling every day. Slide into people’s DMs and pitch them your offer right there, no questions asked. Be blunt about it. You might get blocked once or twenty times, but eventually (if a miracle occurs) you’ll get one client that will make it all worth it. Then it all starts again. Dreams do come true.  Stray further away from your brand’s purpose every day If you follow all of these thoughtful steps by the letter, be reassured that by next month your brand’s audience will be long gone.  However, if you are a hopeful business owner, looking to build a strong audience, solidify your brand’s positioning, and craft a clear message that will turn your brand into a strong influence in your customers’ mind, you should reach out to WE ARE THE NEW and TALIE MILLER, our founder who can literally help you avoid apll of these shitty, gimmicky marketing tactics we sarcastically wrote above.  Ari Marino,  Writer + WE Team Contributor.

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