November 8, 2021 Talie Miller

Branding 101

Because fundamentals are a GOOD thing, right?

Can we talk about BRANDING for a sec?

First, WE are obsessed with it and second there’s not enough of you taking it seriously or are confused by it.

Let’s set the record straight.

Branding, a word and term almost as overused as storytelling is incredibly important but not too well understood. What is branding anyway? Regardless of company size, whether Retail or B2B, It’s one of the most important aspects of any business. Great reliance on an effective brand strategy is how a company can keep its edge and long-term success in an ever-increasing competitive marketplace and evolving world. 

OK, but what does it mean? 

Putting this in a twitter-worthy-buzz-centric-quip, a brand is your promise to your customers. In addition to spelling out what customers can expect from your products and services, it also explains how you sit and stand out in the competitive landscape. Good branding is an extension of whom you are, who you want to be and how you want to be perceived. 

In Fashion, you’re either an icon or passé. Is your brand the cutting edge, standard setting maverick people aspire to like Chanel? Or are you reliable, consistent and safe like UGG Australia?

Are you all about low-cost high volume? Or high cost low quantity? You can’t be both darlings. Time and time again I’ve seen companies fail because they try to be everything to everyone. I’ve been guilty of the same thing as an agency owner and consultant. It doesn’t work, it’s an exhausting plight of chaos and people pleasing that can leave you resentful, possibly broke, unfocused and underwhelmed. So pick your lane and stay in it, then crush it consistently. To some extent, your brand should be an extension of your ideal customer. So put him or her in the middle of the bull’s eye and aim to please that ideal, the rest will follow. 

The foundation of your brand is everything consumer facing-your logo, website, brand packaging and marketing materials. These must be clear, consistent and on point at all times. Don’t be cheap, especially with your content. It’s the crux of your communication and it should be something you are proud of-if you wouldn’t wear it on a t-shirt then it isn’t good enough. 

When considering your brand message and ethos, know your mission, brand purpose before you start. Audit your “why” and be fearless in explaining it. Do your research and learn what your current and prospective customer’s habits are and the way they think. 


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