October 4, 2021 Talie Miller

What’s the BIG IDEA?

Become signal in a world of noise

How to become a “signal in a world of noise.”


There’s a lot of talk about unleashing your “BIG IDEAL” in the branding space, as well as, “filling the gap,” “finding your niche,” and discovering what you want to be best known for.  This ties in hand and hand with your brand message and how you want to be perceived. Your BIG IDEA is a singular concept that you can wrap your message around. For example, Apple’s BIG idea, understand human connection. HOW? By changing they WAY they do it through technology. Sometimes the nudge subtle and sometimes it hits you like a WAVE.

Let’s DIVE in.

Big IDEA Exploration.

  • Identify What You’re Naturally Great At

The first step to finding your big idea is to identify what you’re naturally good at.

This requires some self-reflection and asking around. You might want to grab out a piece of paper and write down a big list of all the things that you enjoy or you’re good at or come naturally to you.

When you’re doing this, try not to filter out anything. Sometimes, you’ll want to disqualify certain ideas because they seem too easy to you and we often don’t believe that we could get paid to teach or talk about something that’s actually enjoyable or fun. Remember, just because something comes easy to you doesn’t mean it does for other people.

Ask yourself:  “What is it that you’re great at, that you actually wouldn’t have guessed that people would pay you to teach them, because it’s so natural and automatic to you?”

Write down all the answers you can think of.

  •  Target And Narrow Your Niche

After you’ve compiled a list of what you’re good at, the next step is to determine the niche or audience that you’re going to be creating the product for.

In addition to narrowing my niche, I always run any new niche through the following 3 Questions:

  1. Is your target customer motivated?
  2. Are they actively searching for a solution?
  3. Are they having a hard time finding the right answer?

If you get 3 “Yeses” to these questions, then you owe it to yourself to test out the niche. If you don’t, then keep looking until you do.

  • Share Your Story And Key Learning Insights

The third step is to come up with the unique story behind what you’re teaching. In other words, how did you get good at whatever it is you plan to teach?

What is the big insight that allowed you to go from failure to success?

What is your ‘rags to riches’ story?

Coming up with you story and big insight will provide you with the foundation for your hook and marketing later on.

Tying it all together…

What’s your BIG IDEA?

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